DBJS Marketing, LLC – Marketing for Your Business


Our goal is to supply education on the different types of internet marketing that is available today.   With this education you can decide which internet marketing techniques are best for your business. The information contained in this site is valuable to a business that already has an existing website to a new business that is looking for an internet presence.

For the existing business it will show you what additional methods can be incorporated into your current website or marketing strategy.  You can either add on to your current site and keep all your current content or incorporate a more popular web design and merge your sites content with new marketing techniques to bring your website up to date.

For the new business you are starting from a blank slate and the task may be a little overwhelming. You can look over the marketing information available on this site and make a list of the features that you want on your future website. Since you do not have an existing website, you must decide what information you want to display on your site. For instance: What Your Business Does, Phone Number and email address for your business, Directions to Your Business, Menus (if a restaurant), etc. Once your list is complete, you can hire a web designer, which could be very costly, or contact us for additional options.

If needed, we are available to assist you every step of the way.